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This site was created to help seniors and non-traditional students with college life. Whether you’re 18 or 80, going to college for the first time can be intimidating. Increasingly more and more seniors are going to college. Some are going to college for the first time, others to finish up an undergraduate degree or to attend graduate school. Many are going to college with the intention of starting a new careers. With the rise in enrollment, colleges are starting to take notice of this demographic. If you are a senior that’s ready to go back into the classroom here are some issues and questions you should keep in mind.

Colleges Accommodating Seniors

Are all the buildings and classrooms accessible for your level of mobility? What is the demographic make up of the student body and how receptive is the school administration to non-traditional students. If you have a special need, it’s always a good idea to ask and find out if the institution you’re interested in attending is able to accommodate it. Also consider online colleges as an alternative to traditional colleges. Online colleges and schools offer students the ability to attend lectures from the comfort of home. comfort of home.

Education Philosophy

What is the college’s education philosophy? If you attended college 20 years ago, the learning experience today will be quite different from what you went through. You might find the experience involves greater emphasis on small group activities, smaller class sizes and greater reliance on technology. For any class that you’re interested in, it’s always a good idea to find out the availability of the instructors and tutors to assist you in getting back to academic life.

Community or Junior College

Aside from large Universities and colleges, you might consider want to consider a community or junior college if many years has passed since you’ve been in a structured learning environment. These colleges are much more accessible and flexible to the non-traditional student. They are also typically cheaper than a four-year university. Many have evening classes and classes that are held at accessible locations around your location.

Senior Discounts

Discounts are available at many colleges for seniors over a certain age group. Some colleges even allow seniors to attend classes for free. Ask and check the requirements to enjoy these privileges before you commit to any one institution. In some cases, discounts are available only if the student is working towards a degree. There are many options available to save on cost that may not be obvious initially such as the option to take classes online. Don’t forget that with a student status, you have additional benefits such as free or discounted access to museums, sporting event passes, health care and other services that you would not otherwise have access to.

A Life Changing Experience

Going to college whether it’s for the first time or as a returning student can be a life changing activity. Many seniors find the mental stimulation and interaction with other students to be a significant improvement to their quality of life. With the experience they bring to the discussions, they also add significantly to the learning experience of others in the class.

Colleges for Non-Traditional Students and Seniors:

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sharon mitchell August 26, 2015 at 11:31 am

Looking for Elder colleges in Polk County Florida. Similar to that in Sandusky County, OH


sharon mitchell August 26, 2015 at 11:33 am

more explanation

interested in travel, group discussions, seminars. Not interested in full semester courses.


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